Content marketing has consistently evolved, and this is a fact known to most people. In the previous years, if you were observant, this marketing has become the main strategy for acquiring new customers as well as increasing your brand awareness. Additionally, it makes sense since more businesses have experienced significant success with content marketing in the recent past. The key to having such consistent success in such efforts is the capability of foreseeing imminent trends and embracing the changes faster. Some of the most important trends are listed below.

Video marketing

The next future as far as content marketing is concerned is video. According to Cisco, video encompasses about 80% of thevideomarketing internet traffic generated. Additionally, most marketers agree to the report by Cisco, and they have concluded that video will determine content marketing strategies in future. If you can incorporate videos into content marketing strategies or sales process, it provides self-service for your customers. Using this strategy also gives you the opportunity to distribute accurate information without the salespersons being involved. Videos are also an emerging trend that is becoming the standard across most industries speedily. Live videos enable you to see what is happening behind the scenes and allow you make the customer familiar with you more.

Content production

For the small businesses, content marketing is a sure way of acquiring new customers since it does not require huge budgets. Nevertheless, according to most reports, mega-brands like Apple and Google are today investing a lot of dollars to get original content. Original and consistent content is therefore apparently frenzy regardless of the type of business you run whether small or big. It is thus important that you hire a content team if the business is determined directly by producing high-quality and relevant content consistently.


Content personalization

There are a lot of indications that brands invest in various kinds of content personalization and this outsells those without personalized contents by more than 20%. The effectiveness of content personalization strategy is thus unquestionably for any brand which chooses to adopt it. Content personalization is not easy as it is quite challenging. It needs long-term efforts by anybody involved in the content creation. You can, however, start by developing onsite focused campaigns through modal popups and dynamic content blocks.

User-generated content

contentproductionMost of the brands today are specifically investing in user-generated campaigns that inspire the loyal customers to become brand advocates and share the positive experiences with family and friends on social networks. This type of content on social networks act as the social proof as human beings tend to trust and follow actions and choices of others. People normally have confidence in content that has been made by others than the content of their brands.

Content marketing like any other marketing discipline is dynamic, and you need to respond to the latest trend else you get swept off your foot.