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Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords Certification

Do I need to get satisfied? This is one of the common questions people ask when they discuss Google Ads certification. Can this certification make a difference in my life? How is it useful in internet marketing? If you are a beginner in this program, then those are some of the things that can boggle your mind. This post aims to provide the beginners with adequate information on everything that you ought to know about Google Ads Program.

Certification Overview

google searchUsually, certifications are provided by a body to the deserving persons who have proven their expertise and knowledge in a solution or system. Thus, when individuals are certified, a standard and a bar are set for identifying those who are classified as experts in their areas. An agency or individual can join this program. To be certified, an individual ought to pass the required exam. The fundamental exam covers basics such as setting up and optimizing campaigns. Also, some exams focus on testing your knowledge of managing, measuring, optimizing, and creating specific advertising campaigns.

Advantages of Being Certified

Become Credible as a Marketer

The certification adds to your credibility as a great digital marketer. It is a good idea to link to your Google Partners profile as proof for the certification. You can easily add this to your LinkedIn profiles, Google+, business card, and CV. Your clients will enjoy the benefits of working with a reliable Google Partner.

Get Featured

When you are certified, you will feature in Google Partners listings. Thus, clients can validate their partner status. Agencies have an opportunity to leverage on their specializations and badge when winning or bidding new clients. This can offer you an edge over your competitors as it means that people who are working in your agency have the skills and knowledge to running Google Ads.

Get a Job

When looking for a job or planning to change your digital marketing career, getting a certificacion google adwords can be a huge plus. A lot of companies emphasize certifications. This is because they prove you are dedicated to advancing your career. If you are applying to an agency that does not have a badge, then you can use your certification as leverage to get the job offer.

Continued Learning

Usually, these certificates expire after one year. Therefore, continuous learning is vital to keeping your knowledge and skills up-to-date. The knowledge can help you in passing your exams and advancing professionally.